Guide to Life After High School

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You can help students understand career and college preparation, financial aid, and money management with the convenience of Mapping Your Future's Guide to Life after High School program. Mapping Your Future offers four different guides, one for each year of high school.

The online program actively involves students, making it an important education tool. Furthermore, it gives you the opportunity to spend more time with those students who need individual assistance.

The Guide to Life after High School program is a FREE service for students, schools, and educators. It uses Mapping Your Future's Online Education technology.

See for yourself

If you want to view the guides from the student perspective, start one now. Choose Texas as your state and then select the MYF Demo School. Be sure to enter false data on the student form.

Steps for students

  • You instruct students who are ages 13 and older to complete a guide. You can link to the student start page from your own website or provide the address to students. Only provide this address to ensure students provide dates of birth:
  • The student visits Mapping Your Future anytime, anywhere - from home, from a computer lab, even in another country.
  • The student reads and follows the instructions, reads the guide content, and answers the questions.
  • Once the student has completed all of the questions correctly, he or she completes a secure form to provide information to you. The student reviews the information submitted on the form, confirms that all is correct, and clicks the “submit” button.
  • The student receives a confirmation page. The student should print this page or make a note of the confirmation number.

Your notification options and record retrieval

You can elect to receive e-mail notification when students complete a guide. You have several options for each guide in which you participate:

  • Individual—One e-mail sent per guide completion at the time of completion
  • Batch—One daily e-mail per guide type, listing all students who completed the guide during the prior business day
  • None—No messages sent to notify you when students complete a guide. If you select none, you still can elect to receive a message on occasions when students enter a question or comment on the form at the end of the guide.

The e-mail notification contains limited information, as e-mail is not secure. To retrieve guide records, you can log in to a secure area on the Mapping Your Future site (the Online Education Access Area). You have several options for retrieving records:

  • Retrieve paper records
  • Export electronic records (store them electronically and/or import them into your system)

Your customization options

You have several free customization options:

  • Add a customized page of information for students to view when beginning the guide
  • Direct students to a specific web page upon completing the guide

Get started now

To participate in the Guide to Life after High School program, complete the Online Education sign-up form. After you complete the form, the Mapping Your Future staff will contact you, usually the same or next business day* for verification purposes. The staff approves the submission, adding you to the list of participants. You can begin instructing students to complete the guides immediately.

*Account set up is contingent upon your availability. There may be a delay on rare occasions when outside events prohibit the staff from responding immediately.

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